DSC_0528-smallI write from a castle in a flying city hidden by a thundercloud, creating what-if worlds and adventures.

To date I’ve won twelve national writing competitions in the short form, conjuring journeys into the beyond and after, the unique and magical, sharing unusual stories and uncommon sights… Because life is magical. Life is about searching for improved existences and converting the unfamiliar into something more recognisable. Life is an adventure at once unseen and unlikely yet there and very real, sometimes thrilling and dangerous, yet ultimately ours to relish. If I can, I’ll show you just how thrilling and magical that adventure can be 🙂

Novels to come!

In the meantime I’m also a book creator and mentor, short story judge, creative writing tutor, editor, and the founder/leader of the award-winning Northern Beaches Writers’ Group. With them, and under the pen name ZF Kingbolt, I’ve written several books for 8-14yr olds – at first to raise money for The Kids’ Cancer Project but then because it took on a life of its own! With so much going on I’m often ‘in the news‘, and get Frequently Asked Questions!

In my spare time I’m a movie buff, traveller, wine lover, and all round story nerd. I don’t like ants or driving, but love chocolate and frogs!

What they’re saying…

“I want to read good stories. When I come across one that fills me with the kind of excitement and suspense and pure pleasure that made me want to become a writer, I want people to know about that story… Go read more of Zena Shapter’s work. Go like her page on Facebook. You’ll be glad you did. Zena Shapter – she deserves your attention…”

Lillian Csernica, reviewer for Tangent Online

“Zena Shapter, an Aussie author who is soon to take the speculative fiction world by storm with her novel, Towards White.”

MJ Hearle, Pan Macmillan author

“Zena Shapter is an award-winning British-Australian writer, a specialist in the weird, wacky, wonderful world of speculative fiction.”

NSW Writers Centre, Sydney

“…a dynamic writer, teacher and one-woman publicity machine… One of the most energetic identities on the Sydney writing scene is the fabulous Zena Shapter.”

Walter Mason, Allen & Unwin author

“Zena Shapter is a writer with a need for adventure.”

Midnight Echo magazine

“Fabulous read from a strong and prolific SF writer! Keep your eye on this author!”

Kim Falconer, Quantum Encryption Series, of ‘Let The Tempest Hold Me Down’

“A magnificent story!”

Karl Sumner, Editor of Let Us In, of ‘Made’

“An impressive debut! A pacy, exciting read!”

Books & Publishing, of ‘Into Tordon

“Beautifully crafted and well told, this important story deserves to be read many times… It’s an excellent story which I read many times, and which never failed to move me.”

Gareth Barlow, Glen Miles Short Story Prize Judge, of ‘Champions’

“Zena Shapter’s “Darker” is dark fantasy at its blood-soaked finest. Its setting is evocative and sharply drawn, its storyline emotionally gruelling and possessing a surprising sting in the tale. Highly recommended.”

Guy Salvidge, Australian Horror Writers’ Association Judge, of ‘Darker’

“Absorbing and unique.”

S Philips, Editor of You, Me & a Bit of We, of ‘Our Something Said’


Once you’ve read my stories, what will you say?

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