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It’s heeeere! The third wave of the web is crashing over us. But will you sink or surf?

Huh? What’s the third wave of the web…? I’ve been reading a lot lately about ‘the third wave of the web’, which we’re apparently only just entering. You might have noticed it perhaps, crashing over the publishing world like a tidal wave?! Unstoppable, it’s left behind it a trail of bankrupt bookshops and readers on… Continue reading →

What Makes Australian Authors Tick? A celebration of #ausbooks and culture.

WARNING: due to the astounding level of input from a gargantuan range of fantastic Australian authors, this blog has essay-length proportions. What does it mean to be a writer living in Australia in 2011? Does our glorious country inform what we write, or the way we write it? Does it stimulate, or challenge us? In… Continue reading →

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