Creative Writing Skills Bootcamp

5 to 6 hr Workshop

No matter what your level or preferred genre, this full day writing workshop will deconstruct, improve and stimulate the way you write. Bring pen & paper and get ready to write! You’ll leave this class feeling renewed and confident in your writing abilities, and keen to apply what you’ve learnt to your own projects. Discover how to write fascinating characters and vivid settings, develop your writer’s voice, understand structure, and practice your editing skills. Explore your individual writing style and discover what’s needed to strengthen it further. Enjoy writing a micro-story to a set structure and develop your characters with imagination and lateral thinking. Shape up your writing skills with exercises to take you from idea to final draft. Discover all the tricks you need to draw readers into your story and keep them turning the pages. Learn advanced writing tools and risks such as:

  1. contrived or false suspense
  2. info-dumping and backstory
  3. narrative arc
  4. character development
  5. poetic flourishes

All this and more in a friendly, supportive atmosphere.

Ready to get inspired, fuel your creativity and expand your writing skills? Then this bootcamp is for you!

Join Zena on her creative writing bootcamp!

Join Zena on her creative writing bootcamp!

Want to arrange a creative writing bootcamp?

Then please get in touch with the date, audience and venue you have in mind.

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