Introduction to Creative Writing

3 hr Seminar

Awaken your creativity and discover how to turn your thoughts into words and scribbles into stories. What should you write about? Where do writers find their ideas? How do you write something readers will want to read? Whether you intend to write for pleasure or are looking to create a body of work for publication, this insightful seminar will energise your imagination, help you establish your personal writing goals, and show you how to get started. Learn creative writing conventions, techniques and more! Discover how to:

  • create an interesting setting
  • find and develop a theme
  • organise a narrative structure
  • develop characters, and
  • establish a fun and sustainable writing practice.

Get started in class, then keep going! Creative writing is an engaging and invigorating craft, embrace what it has to offer and let it enrich your life!

Introducing a crowd to creative writing at Warringah Library.

Want to discover creative writing?

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