Know Yourself As A Writer

Please note that Zena is no longer holding ‘Know Yourself As A Writer’ workshops. Instead, please contact her about mentoring.

5 hr Workshop

You’ve been writing for a few years now, but wonder if you’re any good. Are your friends and family telling the truth? Are you wasting your time? What do you need to do to improve? This workshop is all about getting that objective opinion you need, from a Ditmar-Award winning author, freelance editor, creative writing tutor and mentor. How will your writing be received by readers, publishers and/or agents? What should be your next writing focus? Join this one-day workshop to find out! You will have up to 3,500 words of your own writing critiqued, plus discussion over how to improve.

Learn from an award-winning author.

Learn from an award-winning author.

  1. How do I polish my manuscript?
  2. Is my writing ready for publishers, agents or for self-publishing?
  3. Am I any good?

Zena has spent years guiding members of the award-winning Northern Beaches Writers’ Group in the completion of their various individual writing projects, so she’s seen every flaw in the book, literally! Using her varied experience with everything from memoirs to sci fi, women’s literature and thrillers, she will help you discover your personal strengths as a writer, as well as your weaknesses. Places are limited.

You will need to bring an electronic writing device along to the session, such as a laptop or iPad, and have up to 3,500 words of your own writing ready to share with students in advance of the workshop as a Word or PDF file. For example, you might like to send in a short story, a chapter or section of a book, a memoir or an article. No advance reading necessary.

Just check Zena’s Event Schedule for the date of her next workshop, or get together with some writer friends and ask Zena to hold a session just for you – simply contact her for details. From time to time, this workshop goes online too. In the meantime, here’s some advice from Zena about critiquing: Five Tips For The Unsure Critiquer: “Need it be fair?”.

Image: Sonja K. Goernitz

Image: Sonja K. Goernitz

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