To Come!

REPRESENTED BY: Cameron McClure of the Donald Maass Literary Agency, New York

‘Battle for Idyn’

When Levellers murdered Trea’s father, they started a war and insulted her family’s honour. But while her brother is permitted to train as a warrior and travel to the frontline on the dusty planet of Idyn, the war marshals think Trea would better serve their cause as a poster girl. They’re wrong. Trea will do whatever it takes to see her revenge through, even if it means failing to see a truth that will resonate across the galaxies.

‘Stormcarrier of Olan’

Hana dreams of growing old in the woods with her true love, Dane. But when the latest stormcarrier dies, and Olan’s warriors search for a replacement in her village, it’s Dane they take. “Forget me,” he tells Hana, for those who wear the Cloak of Storms lose their minds to become the voice of wind gods and lead vast armies against the monstrous Henjak. Hana’s convinced a part of Dane remains alive. But when she eventually catches up to him and sees who he’s become, will she still want to save him?

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Zena Shapter

I write from a castle in a flying city hidden by a thundercloud. #Ditmar Award-winning author. Movie buff. Traveller. Wine lover. Story nerd. Book Creator & Mentor. Founder & leader of the award-winning Northern Beaches Writers' Group / ZF Kingbolt.

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