Vividness & Voice

Zena teaching her "Vividness & Voice" workshop at the NSW Writers' Centre.

Zena teaching her “Vividness & Voice” workshop at the NSW Writers’ Centre.

2 hr Workshop

In this hands-on workshop, Zena focuses on making your writing vivid, engaging, and full of meaning. Ensure your readers get pulled into the world of your story, then don’t let them out! Whether the world you’re creating is set on today’s Earth or tomorrow’s universe, Zena will share with you the secrets of writing prose that comes alive as you read it. Want your writing to stand out from the rest? Want to develop or polish your writing voice? Prepared to go that one step further? Zena will show you how to use everything you’ve got to make your writing unique.

  1. Isn’t simply describing an exciting scene sufficient to draw readers into my story?
  2. How do I transform what I know into ‘story’?
  3. What is my writing voice?

Find out in this workshop!

Want to develop your vividness & voice?

Then please get in touch with the date, audience and venue you have in mind.

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