Writing Technique Development Day

1 or 2-day Extension Class – For Writers in Years 5 to 10 (9-16yrs)

This full-day extension class enables young writers to reach their true potential by developing their story structure technique, scene-setting skills and writing voice so their words connect easily and expertly with readers, fans and test-markers alike. Ensure your readers get pulled into the world of your story, then don’t let them out! Whether the world you’re creating is set on today’s Earth or tomorrow’s universe, Zena will share with you the secrets of writing vivid prose. Want your writing to stand out from the rest? Zena will show you how to tap into your experiences and twist them into making your writing unique. Not sure who you are as a writer? Want some fresh ideas to inspire you? Have a passion for writing you want reflected in good marks at school? Then don’t miss out!

  • Workshop how to worldbuild fresh scenes as a writer
  • Brainstorm relevant experiences
  • Challenge your personal writing style
  • Get inspired by fresh ideas
  • Study story structure and understand the techniques that demand readers’ engagement

This is an extension class designed for those who already have an interest in or proven talent for writing, and are looking to develop their literacy techniques. The class enables gifted and talented students to develop to their full potential by streamlining according to ability and providing individualised tasks that allow each child to derive both satisfaction and achievement from their development. It gives young writers the opportunity to work with peers of a similar ability, and learn from an expert mentor.

Combine with the Write Your Own Book class to make this a two-day extension experience.

Please bring a laptop with Word and a USB port, snacks, lunch, a drink, and pen/paper.



Want to extend your writing skills?

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