The Secret to Overcoming Writer-Envy

This week, I’m over on the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild blog talking about writer envy… I don’t get writer envy. At least, I don’t get it anymore. I used to compare myself to other writers and wish I had their lives. It bugged me that their writery lives were so glamorous compared to mine and, although… Continue reading →

The Downside to Being Perfect

Is it good to be chirpy all the time? I’ve been asking myself this lately because I am, mostly, chirpy. Over the years, I’ve become fairly comfortable in my own skin. And on the odd day when I’m not comfortable in that skin, I go jog it off. Simple. But… despite several near-chances, and a… Continue reading →

The Wrong Paths Writers Can Take

This week, I’m over at the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild blog talking about the wrong paths writers can sometimes take in life… Picture this: I was twenty-four, it was my first day working for a top London law firm, and I already knew I’d made the biggest mistake of my life. I blame Tenerife. Two… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 17 March 2014
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