Change Lives With A Book!

Stories have immense power. They can change the way you think about life, let you escape from the world for a while, keep you up late at night… I love books! So do children. Stories are magical. Stories can inspire and excite. Stories can help children make sense of the world, and that’s why for… Continue reading →

I’m a Judge (again)! Send Your Stories!

When I was a lawyer (in a past life, see here), I wanted to be a judge. I have a strong sense of fairness and enjoy listening to others. I have also always loved stories and for me a big part of being a lawyer was understanding and then communicating other people’s stories. Now I’m… Continue reading →

Advice from @TrudiCanavan, #Frankenstein, & Photos from the #NSWWC Speculative Fiction Festival

A week in the sun can do a lot to a person. You can either get incredibly bored, or if you have a good book and a comfortable spot in the shade you can enjoy yourself. For me, last week involved the latter, I was flying home from England and stopped-over in Vietnam on the… Continue reading →

The Connectivity of Writing (rather than its beauty).

When I was reading English at university, I had a pinboard above my desk. Aside from the odd postcard, I used it to display my favourite literary quotes, poems and stories. Fast-forward to last weekend and I was searching through some boxes for something – boxes that I haven’t peeked in for decades – and… Continue reading →

Is It Really You?

Readers often ask me: is the character you’ve written in this story / novel / flash fiction really, actually you? I like to take the question as a compliment – after all, it’s readers believing in my character so convincingly that they find it hard to believe that character isn’t real. They’re too realistic to… Continue reading →

What is Your Culture?

Over the last few years, I’ve found myself asking this question more and more, because of where I live and why. In his early twenties, my Australian husband went on a working-holiday adventure to England, which is where we met. I was the souvenir he brought back, he he! I liked Australia, so we stayed,… Continue reading →

A Story Written Especially for Me!

Last weekend, it was my birthday. It was a special birthday too, and I was so very lucky that my entire day was… perfect! Not only did family and friends join in to celebrate my special day, but I got to spend hours with bookish people whom I treasure. And they surprised me too… Every… Continue reading →

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