What Music Inspires David McDonald @sircamaris #InspirationalMusic

Who is David McDonald? David McDonald is a mild mannered reporter and editor by day, and a wild eyed writer by night. Based in Melbourne, Australia, he is the editor of a fortnightly magazine for an international welfare organisation, and divides his spare time between helping run a local cricket club and writing. In 2013… Continue reading →

What Music Inspires @MarkTBarnes #InspirationalMusic

Who is Mark T Barnes? Mark T. Barnes was born in Sydney, Australia, in September of 1966. A strong athlete, he was also drawn to the arts at a young age, penning his first short story as a seven-year-old. He worked in finance and advertising before establishing himself in IT services management. Currently he owns… Continue reading →

What Music Inspires @Amanda_Pillar #InspirationalMusic

Who is Amanda Pillar? Amanda Pillar is an award-winning editor and author who lives in Victoria, Australia, with her husband and two cats, Saxon and Lilith. Amanda has had numerous short stories published and has co-edited the fiction anthologies Voices (2008), Grants Pass (2009), The Phantom Queen Awakes (2010), Scenes from the Second Storey (2010),… Continue reading →

What Music Inspires @ThoraiyaDyer #InspirationalMusic

Who is Thoraiya Dyer? Thoraiya Dyer is an award-winning Australian writer. Her short science fiction and fantasy stories have appeared in Clarkesworld, Apex, Analog, Nature and Cosmos, among others. Fablecroft anthology Cranky Ladies of History will contain Vintana, Thoraiya’s take on Ranavalona the Cruel, Queen of Madagascar. Her collection of four original stories, Asymmetry, available… Continue reading →

What Music Inspires @Stephanie_Gunn #InspirationalMusic

Who is Stephanie Gunn? Stephanie Gunn is an ex-(mad) scientist and writer of speculative fiction, and has had works published in anthologies such as “Epilogue”, “Bloodstones” and “Kisses by Clockwork”.  She has won two Tin Ducks for her fan writing, and her story, “Escapement” has been nominated for a Ditmar award.  She is a frequent… Continue reading →

What Music Inspires Shauna O’Meara #InspirationalMusic

Who is Shauna O’Meara? Shauna O’Meara is a Ditmar nominated artist, writer and veterinarian based in Canberra, Australia. She was a winner of the 2013 Writers of the Future contest and her short stories have appeared in Writers of the Future: volume 30, Cosmos Magazine, Midnight Echo, Australian Security Nightmares and the CSFG anthologies: Next… Continue reading →

What Music Inspires Robert Easterbrook #InspirationalMusic

Who is Robert Easterbrook? I’m a late author, as I’ve heard some people call us – I didn’t write my first novel until later in life, while completing my PhD. I wrote my first novel, Reciprocity (Sci-fi/crime), in 2012, an attempt at writing a novel. Some people liked it so I tried again with The Directive… Continue reading →

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