I fear me the worm! How the meanings of words change #semantics

When I was at University I loved the study of semantics – how the meanings of words change. I wasn’t too bad at it either and even looked forward to writing a paper on it over the Christmas holidays. Unfortunately I fell sick with glandular fever – my throat was so swollen I could only… Continue reading →

Be Careful What You Wish For, Exactly…

This long weekend, I really wanted to go to Brisbane for Contact 2016. I know, first world problems, right? Contact 2016 was the 55th Australian National Speculative Fiction Convention and many many talented and lovely writers attended. As for me… finances! I’ve loved going to speculative fiction festivals ever since my dear friend and very clever… Continue reading →

Free-to-Read Story Out Today: “Let the Tempest Hold Me Down”

Today I’m excited to announce the publication of my short story Let the Tempest Hold Me Down through Sci Phi Journal – click the link at end of this post to read it for free! Sci Phi Journal is an online science fiction and philosophy magazine that ‘explores questions of life, the universe, and anything that… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 11 March 2016
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Is This The Year Your Book Gets Written?!

This year, I was delighted to be asked to teach ‘The Year Your Book Gets Written’ at the awesome Mosman College. It’s a great course for anyone who wants to write a book, and would love workshop skills training, set deadlines to write to and a mentor to guide them. It’s so fantastic a course… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 4 February 2016

An Absent Family Brings Out the Tina Turner in Me!

So, the long summer holidays have finally ended here in Sydney and the kids have gone back to school. A few years ago, I used to dread school holidays and the interruption they brought to my work schedule, given I work from home. I love my work! These days, the kids are more independent and… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 1 February 2016
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What is a Hero?

What a thrilling surprise on New Years Eve to discover myself among the ‘Heroes of 2015’ according to Peninsula Living magazine! The article honours inspiring people in the community by sharing their stories, which for me was all about the money I’ve been raising with my Northern Beaches Writers’ Group for The Kids’ Cancer Project,… Continue reading →

2015 – The Year of Appreciating Different Perspectives

Festive Greetings, everyone! And goodbye 2015 – though some might say ‘good riddance’, including me! 2015 has been a year of great loss for me in many different ways. Of course because life is a gift I try not to dwell on what’s gone (not for long anyway), and instead focus on what I have… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 24 December 2015
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