Why Am I Even Doing This & Being Studied at Routledge

This week I’m over at Routledge, being studied in a paper about social semiotics. It’s a continuation of the mStories project, for which I wrote my flash fiction story The Voice (click here to read for free!). The paper is by Jessica K Frawley and Laurel E Dyson from the School of Software in the… Continue reading →

Three Publishing Insights

Over the last few weeks I have experienced life as a publisher – and the journey has given me some interesting industry insights. Firstly, I’d best explain that I haven’t changed professions – I am now and will always be first and foremost a writer. My transition has been a temporary and small scale one,… Continue reading →

How to Win Writing Competitions

Yay – I’ve won first place in eight national writing competitions here in Australia, ten if you count my co-authored work. How? Well, that’s a good question… Whether you’re a writer or not, there are some key tips I can give you about winning competitions – just replace the word ‘story’ below with the name… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 6 November 2014
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Sometimes, the Planets Do Align…

You know those weeks when you think to yourself: what on earth am I doing, wasting my life on this? It’s never going to get me where I want to go… Well so far this October, I haven’t felt that way once. Well okay, maybe once. But overall it’s been an excellent couple of weeks…. Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 15 October 2014

Creating Memorable Characters Everyone Will Love

Last week, a reader asked me how I go about creating memorable characters everyone loves. The simple answer I gave them was: I don’t. When it comes to fiction’s greatest and most memorable characters, we all have our favourites. Among mine are Gatsby, Hamlet, Scarlet O’Hara, Rhett Butler, and Bella Swan. If you were to… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 13 October 2014

This Week I’m @WritingNSW, @RWAus & @Google

This week I’m getting to imagine what it must be like to be author-royalty… NSW Writers’ Centre – Guest Speaker Shortly after having my article on the Evolution of Communication published in the special ‘literary festival’ edition of the Society of Women Writer’s magazine Women’s Ink last month, I was invited by the NSW Writers’… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 29 September 2014
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What Makes A Good Friend? #Writing

This week I was hanging out with teenage writers, helping them write their stories and get those words into print. When I was a young writer, writing was absolutely everything to me. It was more important in fact than anything else in life – friends, family, school, even my personal safety! (Some day I’ll have… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 26 September 2014
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