How short story writing & flash fiction gets judged in competitions

As some of you may know, I recently judged the Australian Horror Writers’ Association’s short story and flash fiction competition. It involved reading 154 stories and over 385,000 words. At 12pt Times New Roman font, spaced at 1.5 lines, that was 1,066 pages of writing. Whoa! I’m so glad I read it all though – thank… Continue reading →

Listen to My Story “Shy” on The @AntipodeanSF Radio Show

I’m on the radio! Thanks to The AntipodeanSF Radio Show, you can now listen to my flash fiction story “Shy” just by clicking on this link. It’s the first story on the show, so just listen from the beginning and you’ll soon hear Ion Newcombe introducing me – it’s a pretty awesome introduction too, thanks… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 7 July 2014
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Look What Just Arrived!

Wow – look at this! My Ditmar Award just arrived and it’s so beautiful. I love it! So of course the first thing to do is snap a photo to share with you. I’m so lucky to have been awarded this, thanks to Australia’s amazing speculative fiction community. Thank you, guys – I really honestly… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 17 June 2014
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Social Media for Writers – Public or Private?

This week I’m over on the Canberra Speculative Fiction Guild blog talking about how to juggle your personal and public profiles on social media. It talks about a time when I had the flu but, don’t worry, I wrote it a while ago and am not sick anymore (unless you want to count ‘sick with… Continue reading →

  • Words by Zena Shapter
  • 16 June 2014
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Read “Shy” for #Free at AntipodeanSF

What a week! First I won a Ditmar Award (read more about that here), and now my flash fiction story Shy has been published over at AntipodeanSF. “Our skies are covered in everlasting cloud, except for one hole we call the Break. It arrives above our island at the same time each day — letting… Continue reading →

I just won a Ditmar Award!

You know how sometimes you enter a competition and think to yourself: Gee, it would be nice to win, but that won’t happen so I may as well just get on with other things And then you don’t win, so at least you win at ‘being right’…? Well *that* but then the opposite… On Sunday… Continue reading →