Wow – I Have A Star Review!!

I’m so chuffed right now… I just got a personal message from Lillian Csernica, a reviewer for Tangent Online. Every year, Tangent Online puts together a ‘Recommended Reading List’ of all the best speculative fiction stories published in the preceding year, worldwide. The List was finalised on 30 December 2013, the very same day that my story “Darker” was published in Midnight Echo 10. So Lillian didn’t get the chance to review my story in time for the 2013 List, and given that my story was published in 2013, it can’t be considered for the 2014 list (even if it were good enough to be so). However, Lillian wanted me to know that it would have been included on the 2013 List had that been possible.

Wow. I still can’t believe it – a personal message from a highly regarded reviewer.

But the fun doesn’t stop there. Lillian was so disappointed that I didn’t make it onto the list, that she decided to blog about me and my story! How cool is that?

Here’s what she wrote on her blog today:

“Due to an unfortunate matter of timing, one recommendation I really wanted to make did not get included on the list. I can’t let this story or this writer go unrecognized, so here’s my Addendum to the Recommended Reading List:

“Darker” by Zena Shapter in Midnight Echo #10, November 2013. H* (LC)”

 Now, you see that little asterisk just beside the ‘H’ there – that’s a star. That means I got a star review!! Yippee! *Happy Dance*

Lillian explains in her blog…

“In all the time I’ve been reviewing for Tangent, I have given out less than five stars total. I want to read good stories. When I come across one that fills me with the kind of excitement and suspense and pure pleasure that made me want to become a writer, I want people to know about that story. Go read “Darker.” Go read more of Zena Shapter’s work. Go like her page on Facebook. You’ll be glad you did.”

Aw! Thank you so much, Lillian – for going to the time and trouble of contacting me to say how much you enjoyed my story, for giving it a star review, and then blogging about it. To read Lillian’s full blog post, just click here.

Zena Shapter

I write from a castle in a flying city hidden by a thundercloud. #Ditmar Award-winning author. Movie buff. Traveller. Wine lover. Story nerd. Book Creator & Mentor. Founder & leader of the award-winning Northern Beaches Writers' Group / ZF Kingbolt.


  1. What a fantastic, and well-deserved, thing to happen – very pleased for you. 🙂

  2. Good on you Zena! Well-deserved.

  3. Congratulations Zena! What an incredible honour but well deserved!

  4. Congratulations. It’s almost better because she had to go out of her way to recognize you. Treasure it and hold it close to your heart as you move forward to a fruitful year of writing in 2014.

  5. That’s so exciting Zena! Of course you deserve a’s just so special when you get it from a reviewer of your work..
    Congrats on your awesome start to a new year..Mary

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