How @DebKalin Signs Books

Her work touches on the human heart, monsters, desperation and doggedness; her stories deliver richly conceived and compelling worlds peopled by deeply human characters.

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Deborah Kalin is an award-winning writer of literary speculative fiction, author of the novella collection Cherry Crow Children and of The Binding novels (Shadow Queen & Shadow Bound). Cherry Crow Children won the Aurealis Award for Best Horror Novella and Best YA Short Story, and was shortlisted for two further Aurealis Awards, the Ditmar Awards, and the Australian Shadows Awards. She lives in Melbourne, subject to the whims of a four year old who thinks she’s a cat and a cat who thinks she’s a person. Both of them whinge, mostly about sleep and food. (The toddler wants less of each; the cat more. Both want more outside time.) Kalin herself hasn’t slept uninterrupted through the night since March 2012.

Where can I find out even more about this fabulous author?

What does her handwriting reveal?

Compare her swirls and slants to the letters and revelations here, then scroll to check out your next author!

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