How Lee Battersby Signs Books @battersblog

What kind of books does Lee Battersby write?

Speculative fiction for adults and children.

Tell me more!

Lee Battersby is the author of the children’s novel ‘Magrit’ (2016) as well as the humorous fantasy novels ‘The Corpse-Rat King’ (2012) and ‘The Marching Dead’ (2013) as well as over 80 short stories. A collection of his work, entitled “Through Soft Air” from Prime Books. He’s taught at Clarion South and developed and delivered a six-week “Writing the SF Short Story” course for the Australian Writers Marketplace. His work has been praised for its consistent attention to voice and narrative muscle, and has resulted in a number of awards including the Aurealis, Australia Shadows and Australia S F ‘Ditmar’ gongs. He lives in Rockingham, Western Australia, with his wife, writer Lyn Battersby. He is sadly obsessed with Lego, Nottingham Forest football club, dinosaurs and Daleks.

Where can I find out even more about this fabulous author?

Lee lives online at and copies entries over to his long-running blog at The Battersblog.

What does his handwriting reveal?

Compare his swirls and slants to the letters and revelations here, then scroll to check out your next author!

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