How @MichaelJPryor Signs Books

What kind of books does Michael Pryor write?

YA Fantasy and Science Fiction.

Tell me more!

Michael Pryor is one of Australia’s most popular and acclaimed authors of Fantasy and Science Fiction. He has published more than thirty-five novels (including the Laws of Magic series, Machine Wars and 10 Futures) more than fifty short stories, and has over one million words in print. His work has been longlisted for an Inky award, shortlisted for the WAYBR award and seven times shortlisted for the Aurealis Award. Seven of his books have been awarded Children’s Book Council of Australia Notable Book status. His latest book is Leo da Vinci Vs the Ice-cream Domination League.

Where can I find out even more about this fabulous author?

His website is

What does his handwriting reveal?

Compare his swirls and slants to the letters and revelations here, then scroll to check out your next author!

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