How Authors Sign Books Wrap Up #Handwriting #Personality

Wow, what a fun series that was – we have seen a lot of handwriting over the past few weeks! What about your handwriting? Have you analysed it yet? Do you have a broad perspective on life, do emotions rule your thinking, are you optimistic or visionary, how much do you value freedom – find out by writing down a message (to me if you like!) then comparing it to the hints about personality over here!

What about the authors of your favourite genres? Here’s a list of everyone who took part in the series along with their genres, why not click to compare those writing similar things – do they also have similar handwriting? Do they have similar handwriting to you?

My thanks go to all these amazing authors for their time and effort participating in this blog series, and to you lovely readers for exploring and reading about these amazing authors! I’d love to know whose handwriting or message you liked the best. Let me know!

And if you enjoy insights like these into authors, remember to explore my other blog series too: Where Writers Write’ and ‘What Music Inspires Authors’. Have fun!

Zena Shapter

I write from a castle in a flying city hidden by a thundercloud. #Ditmar Award-winning author. Movie buff. Traveller. Wine lover. Story nerd. Book Creator & Mentor. Founder & leader of the award-winning Northern Beaches Writers' Group / ZF Kingbolt.

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