Belgian Hot Chocolate is the best!

Belgian Hot Chocolate is the best!

I don’t drink coffee, or tea.

I don’t mind hot chocolate, but I only really drink it to be social. I like diet coke, my sole source of caffeine, but I only crack open the bubbles when I’m really tired because the sugar / aspartame is supposed to be bad for you (so, about 11am every morning!).

Because I don’t drink tea or coffee, I also don’t make it very well – be warned. I can boil the kettle for you, get the tea or coffee out of the cupboard, find the milk and a spoon for the sugar. But if I put it together in a cup, you won’t end up drinking it!

But what I do like, is chocolate.

Chocolate is my writery foible. That and champagne. But drinking champagne all day can be expensive. Chocolate is cheaper and chocolate makes you feel good (probably because it contains naturally occurring chemical compounds (alkaloids) that have physiological effects in humans, like cocaine and morphine). Sometimes I find myself addicted to chocolate and I have to go without it for a few weeks to reboot and gain control. Otherwise I’d eat it every day. The serotonin levels in my brain just love it soooo much (squee!).

It's for a good cause... honest.

It’s for a good cause… honest.

If I look on the right websites, I can sometimes convince myself that chocolate is good for me, because of the antioxidants it contains. But that’s only really dark chocolate, whereas my favourites are Cadbury’s Dairy Milk and Guylian Seashells.

Guylian have been the major sustaining sponsor of Project Seahorse since 1999 though, so that’s a boost for my serotonin levels too.

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