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ZenaShapterNBWG2So you’ve written a book, now you want to know if it’s ready to go out into the world? Is it the best it can be? Or maybe you want a fresh eye to look over your writing before you self-publish or submit to publishers/agents? Does it need a final polish, structural editing, copy editing, or proofreading?

  • inaccuracies, contradictions and inconsistencies
  • awkward or ambiguous phraseology
  • clarity and readability
  • meaning and tone
  • repositioning passages into more logical sequences
  • overall structure
  • pacing
  • correct cross-referencing
  • shortening drawn-out discussions
  • identifying the writing’s priorities
  • page composition
  • market and house styles
  • reader-targeted headings
  • preposition use, verb tenses, subject-verb agreement and pronoun use

Non-fiction and commercial projects are especially welcome for this option. Fiction authors are encouraged to save money by selecting the mentorship option instead.

Still at high-school? Then you get cheaper rates by coming to me as a tutor.


Perhaps you need a back cover blurb for your book, a synopsis, or a book proposal? Have you written a website, now need it checked for tone?

  • fuss-free but rich webpage content, e-campaigns
  • print marketing materials (flyers, brochures, postcards, posters)
  • pitch work
  • blurbs

Already have a draft? Then it’s even cheaper and quicker for me to check and improve your work.

Layout & Publishing

Perhaps you need help formatting your book or project ready for publication?

  • EPUBs
  • print-ready PDFs
  • online PDFs
  • cover design
  • publishing assistance
  • ISBNs
  • image formatting

If you want to get your publishing project ‘out there’ but aren’t sure how best to do it, I can talk you through the options and help set up accounts for print-on-demand titles, ebook distribution (with Amazon and all the major ebook retailers), downloadable PDFs, and block printing. Samples, as well as an idea of prices, are here.

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