Creative Support

As you may have noticed, I’m a writer. I also teach writing and social media – in classes or one-on-one. I’m also an ex-solicitor, a freelance editor and a copywriter. I like crisp, emotive and elegantly crafted writing and so, in my spare time, I like to critique others’ writing and mentor writers further behind me in their writing journey. I’m also proficient at designing layouts in InDesign, and I write superb back cover blurbs and synopses! I’m also a website editor and tutor.

All this means that I rarely go looking for work anymore – it usually finds me! My private clients refer to me as their personal writing coach, as a one-stop-shop for all their writing needs. I also work with small businesses, corporations, law firms and publishers to get their publications ready for print, or as a social media consultant. I’m proficient and friendly – click to read some testimonials! My rates vary, though hover around the $80ph mark. So just get in contact and tell me what you need. It’s that simple!




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