Zena Shapter frog 1

As much as ants seem to hate me, I love frogs.

Not the type you find in gift shops, but the ones you find on leaves and under bushes. If I hear them croaking, I go seeking.

Zena Shapter frog 2Often they find me too. A few years ago I was about to go white water rafting in Costa Rica, so put on the obligatory safety helmet. Something started moving through my hair. It was a frog!

When I was twelve a neighbour gave me an old fish tank. So I got some frogspawn, waited for them to become tadpoles, then fed and cared for them every day until they could hop away.

Templo Mayor, Mexico City

Templo Mayor, Mexico City

Last year I bred froglets again, this time with my own kids, who thought the activity was for their benefit. He he, it was for mine!

I know I’m not the only one who loves frogs – whoever carved this ancient stone frog must have loved them too!

And why not? There’s something about them that’s utterly adorable!

At least to me…

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